Hand Vein Treatment in Boca Raton

In recent years, many patients have asked if we can treat veins located in the hands. The answer is an emphatic YES WE CAN! For many women, as they age they lose some of the fat just under the skin. This results in what appears to be a bulging of the hand veins. For others, because they are naturally thin, their veins seem to stick out. “Ugly”, “Embarrassing” and “Terrible looking” are some of the most common descriptions that we hear.

One approach that we offer is to perform a cosmetic phlebectomy, essentially making several tiny cuts and removing the veins. This has the advantage of permanent removal, and usually an excellent cosmetic result. Another choice would be Sclerotherapy, where we inject a liquid or foam solution into the veins to cause them to close down. Sometimes a patient will need several repeat injections, and it is possible that the veins could re-open, returning the appearance to what it was before treatment started. Finally, we can inject dermal fillers, like those used on the face for aesthetic enhancement, into the hand around the veins. While this doesn’t treat the actual vein, it makes the hand appear more full and essentially masks the bulging veins. This can be expensive as the filler injections often need to be repeated every 6 to 12 months to keep up the desired appearance.

Unlike veins in the legs, prominent hand veins are not a health risk, nor do they lead to other serious problems. That being said, treatment of these veins is considered to be cosmetic, and is not covered by insurance. At the Kimmel Institute, we offer several different options for treatment, and after evaluation and discussion, we will suggest to you what will be the best approach. We take into consideration the extent of the veins, the cost of each procedure and the expected outcome based on a patient’s individual findings. If you don’t like the large veins in your hands, come see us. We’re confident that we can help you look your best.